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Cicli Pinarello is an Italian bicycle manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy. Founded in 1952, it supplies mostly handmade bicycles for the road, track and cyclo-cross. The company also produces bicycles under the Opera brand name, and has an in-house component brand – MOST.

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MOST offers a wide range of products for road bikes, from cockpit components (Talon, iTalon, …) to accessories (saddles, bottles, lights, bags, pumps) and full line of bike care articles.

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Founded by Cyclists, for Cyclists, Since 1979.
Giordana was established from a desire to craft the very best in cycling clothing. Combining Italian craftsmanship, style, and more than 40 years of industry knowledge, we design clothing for everyone from the competitive racers to the everyday athlete.

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KASK, based in Italy, specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of safety helmets of the highest quality. In every field of application KASK helmets are at the forefront, be it skiing, cycling, mountaineering, horse riding, rescue or safety world.

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In a rapidly evolving world, where limits are constantly pushed further by technological innovation, KOO is setting the trend. Founded in 2016, KOO has won the challenge to bring a breath of fresh air to the universe of premium-quality performance product. All KOO Sunglasses and Goggles are developed and manufactured to the highest standards and put through rigorous testing to ensure consistent quality and safety. Top-notch Zeiss® lenses are fitted as standard for unparalleled clarity and protection.

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MB Wear

“When specifications are high, the difference lies with details.“
This is the motto of the founders of the MB WEAR brand, Tiziano Dall’Antonia and Marco Bandiera, a philosophy which turned out to be successful and which is a characteristic of all their products.
MB Wear founders are two professional bicyclists who managed to transform their many years of experience into a true advantage for their products. This is a brand invented with the purpose to create a sport product made of high quality raw materials and capable of ensuring comfort, strength and durability.

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