Pinarello Jersey Men Think Asymmetric Pro 2020

Think Asymmetric is more than just an innovative production philosophy inspired by technical and ergonomic research. It’s also a philosophy of…


Giordana MEN Wool S/S Jersey

With a soft Merino Wool fabric blend and more relaxed fit, the Wool Jersey is made for the rider who wants…


Giordana MEN FR-C Pro Jersey 2020

Race ready and the benchmark in performance and comfort. Inspired by working with our Pro Teams, these award-winning pieces consistently set…


Giordana MEN FR-C Pro Lyte Jersey

When  it  gets  hot,  go  Lyte. An  85  gram  jersey  and  a  bib  short  with perforated  fabric  —  meet  the  flyweight…


Pinarello MEN Rhino Jersey

Gi27™ : two layered fabric with two weaves and two thread types used on the front chest panel. Host Carbon² ™…

price online: 99.00

regular price: 335.00

Pinarello MEN Classic Jersey

Like everything that comes from Pinarello, this collection is the result of advanced technological thought, innovation and efficiency. Clothes fit perfectly…

price online: 129.00

regular price: 395.00

Giordana MEN Nx-G Air Jersey

Dries so fast you won’t need a vest on the way down. When you need a jersey that works as hard…

price online: 329.00

regular price: 699.00

Giordana MEN Lungo Jersey

The perfect package for epic rides or every day. The Lungo Jersey has a slightly less aggressive fit with quick drying…

price online: 259.00

regular price: 399.00

Giordana MEN FR-C Pro Jersey

The Benchmark in Performance and Comfort. Premium level lightweight and breathable fabrics combined with Giordana’s BodyClone™ technology create the second skin…

price online: 249.00

regular price: 449.00

Giordana MEN SilverLine Jersey

Developed with the culmination of decades of experience, the SilverLine Jersey has been refined with a classic fit; comfortable and non-restrictive.…


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