Accessory Stems

Most Tiger Ultra Aero 1K TiCR

ANGLE: -8° CABLE ROUTING: TICR™ WEIGHT: 140g The lightweight carbon construction and rigidity guarantees the best performance from sprints to climbs.…


Most Tiger Alu Aero TiCR

ANGLE: -8° CABLE ROUTING: TiCR WEIGHT: 165g Made of forged aluminum manufactured by CNC machining, it guarantees aerodynamic improvement and high…


Most Stem Tiger Ultra 3K Shiny Black 120

Długość: 120mm Kąt: 82° Wewnętrzna średnica obejmy mostka: 1-1/8” Używane


Most Aero Spacers

MOST AERO SPACERS CARBON MATT Set of 2x 5mm or 2x 10mm


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