Bike care

Joe's Application bottle 125 ml


Joe's Eco-Nano Wet Lube

Highest efficiency & Environmental Friendly. The Eurobike 2012 award winning Eco-Nano lube is the only lube that combines Nano technology with…


Joe's Rim Tape 9m x 21 mm

High quality rim tape. Non-Stretching - suits high pressure tires. Designed to work with Joe’s sealants.


Joe's Elite Racer Sealant 125 ml

Scientifically developed to meet the high demands of professional Mountain Bike racers. Instantly seals punctures in the tread up to 6…


Joe's Eco Sealant

The ultimate sealant for Tubeless Ready and Converted to Tubeless tires Designed specifically for Tubeless Ready and converted to Tubeless tires.…


Joe's Frame & Tire Shine 500 ml

Shiny protective coating for tires and frames of all bicycle. Leave a shiny coating on frame and tire. Repel mud and…


Joe's Bicycle Bio Degreaser 500 ml

Spray & Rinse, water washable, heavy duty degreaser. Water soluble. Perfect for cleaning your bicycle drive-train: chains, derailleurs, cassettes, chain wheels…


Joe's Super Sealant

Ultra-fast sealing for tubeless, tubular and inner tubes FOR THE SAFEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE SEALANT that works with all types of…


Joe's Tubeless Ready Kit – Super Sealant

All you need for Tubeless Ready Tires or Tubeless Ready wheels. One kit is good for 2 mountain bike wheels. The…


Joe's Universal Tubeless Conversion Kit – Super Sealant

The revolutionary tubeless kit that converts any mountain bike wheel into tubeless. One kit is good for 2 mountain bike wheels.…


Joe's Eco Bike Soap 1 l

Bike and gear friendly soap Safe to use with any surface, great for cleaning riding gear. Efficiently removes grime and dirt,…


Most Wet Lube

Wet Lube is a chain lubricant developed to protect and lubricate your transmission in harsh conditions such as rain or mud. The…


Most Dry Lube

Dry Lube is a specific chain treatment developed for dry conditions. It is made by fully synthetic oil based on organic esters.…


Most Gel Degreaser

Specific degreaser for transmission made by special GEL formulation. It guarantees a perfect degreasing and cleaning of whole drivetrain without harming the aluminum parts,…


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